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Jul 14, 2011 6:00pm PDT
in afghanistan. this is one of those painful images you can see with your eyes but feel with your heart. today's somber home coming is for the staff sargeant he loved life. and loved his wife kids and family. >> that family stood in salute of the man they love. the soldier giving everything to his country. the 36-year-old killed july 5th whj his unit came under fire in afghanistan. >> matt is a selfless person. and we're just grateful. >> the guard were on hand to pay crib yut this, is her first patriot guard ride oo. i wanted to do for this family and this man, what patriot guard did for me my family my son. >>> a funeral service takes place here on monday. emotion-filled day included confusion about whether flags will be flown at half staff on monday to honor the fallen soldier. they will. and when we see them, we'll know why. >> he was an awesome father. and awesome son. and an -- i mean incredible soldier. >> in daily city abc 7 news. @Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ door to door sales people showing up in the bay area. >> one woman allowed a team into her home then foun
Jul 4, 2011 6:00pm PDT
, coming up. tt+ñ% >>> the u.s. troops in afghanistan celebrated independence day by reenlisting in the army. general david petraeus visited the soldiers on the last 4th of july in uniform before becoming cia director. senator john mccain also joined forces to celebrate the 4th. the president announced plans to bring 10,000 troops home by year's end. >> and there is a growing movement turning neighborhood trees destined for mulch into one of a kind works of art. a growing number of carpenters are responsible for the rebirth. >> this tree in oakland has to be cut down because it's undermining a retaining wall. trimmers will chip the branches but the biggest parts of the tree will be spared from the firewood pile, ending up in this lumber yard. >> it's like opening up a novel. there is stuff you don't expect and learn about. >> this master kor pen ter sees beauty in this wood. he owns joinry structures taking trees and urban settings, ages wood, then mills it. the resulting timber will be turned into homes, furniture and restaurants. >> and all of us go, there is a story. it grows
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2